Why I love SQUATS

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If there was one exercise I say is best for weight loss, strength, and putting on muscle…I would say Squats.

This exercise works every part of your body from your legs to your core and abdominal muscles to your back and to your shoulders. Believe it or not but squats are one of the best core exercises you can do. I tell people that if you want nice abs and a strong core…squat. And squat heavy. The heavier the weight you use the more you have to use and engage your abs and core.  So stop doing crunches and sit ups and start squatting .

With squats you can make it a conditioning exercise by squatting fast with light weights with very little rest between sets for 15-25 repetitions. You can make it a strength exercise by going moderately heavy weights for 8-12 repetitions.  You can also make it a power exercise by doing 3-6 repetitions.

There are many different variations of squats you can do to mix things up. 1. Barbell back squats  2. Front squats.  3. Overhead squats.  4. Power cleans to a front squat. 5. Body weight squat jumps. 6. One legged squats.  7. Spilt squats.   The list goes on and on.

Start squatting now to achieve the body you want. No excuses

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