Running outside vs. Running on the treadmill

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       Have you ever noticed that people in the gym can run on the treadmill for hours and hours?  Why is that? But when you take that same person outside they cannot even run for 5 minutes.  This is very interesting.
        When you run on a treadmill you are getting assistance from the machine.  Gravity and your body weight is taken out of the equation because of the forward movement and assistance of the treadmill.  This makes running on the treadmill meal easier for a lot of people.  People can run on the treadmill me longer which will help you burn a lot of calories.  Another benefit of the treadmill is that you can set it at an incline which can increase the intensity of the run which will help accelerate both fat loss and weight loss.  Running on the treadmill can also be boring since you are not moving around anywhere.  It’s almost like a mouse you see running in a cage. 
         When you run outside you are doing all the work.  You have your bodyweight and gravity that you have to account for when you run outside.  This makes it very hard for a lot people. But if a person runs outside often their body will adapt to it and it will help accelerate fat loss and weight loss while building muscle. A beginner might not be able to run that long in the beginning but if that person stays consistent with it : that person will be running for a much longer time while increasing their fitness level.  Another benefit of running outside is that you are getting some good vitamin D and fresh air.  You can go on different running trails with nice views which will make the time go by faster.
          So here’s my final take on running outside versus running on the treadmill.  I personal prefer running outside.  It can to go to different places to run and challenge myself.  I can see beautiful things when I run outside.  It helps keep me athletic and better prepared for every day life in the physical aspect.  It helps me build muscle which helps with both fat loss and weight loss. The time also is more enjoyable and the time goes by fast.  On the other hand I’m not a big fan of the treadmill but it does have its benefits.  If I did do the treadmill I would do it at an incline to keep the intensity high.  But the problem I see with the treadmill is that most people hold on to the rails when they run on the treadmill. They keep the treadmill flat.  In everyday life we don’t have anything to hold on when we walk.  If a dog is chasing you, you’re not going to have anything to hold on to when you’re running.  Sticking to running outside will help you prepare for things like this.  And besides being like a mouse running in cage when you run on the treadmill : at least you are moving which is a lot better than the person that is sitting on the couch.  Overall to get the most bang for your buck : get outside and run, and see your health and fitness level take off to another level.


The most neglected phase of strength training that is holding you back from reaching your fitness goals

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      One of the worse things for me I see in a gym is people with bad form and technique. You see the guy doing the barbell chest press by arching his back during the movement. Or the woman who is doing a squat but looks like she is bowing to someone. Makes me want to “scream”. We have all seen it but I bet some of you thought they were doing the exercises correctly.You can tell these people had not got any proper training. All everyone is doing is focusing on lifting and pulling the most weight possible without any regard to their form and technique. This is a sure way to injure yourself and prolong you from reaching your fitness goals. I’m going to briefly talk to you about the area where I see neglected in the weight room…”The Eccentric Phase”.

      When I first train a client, I focus on the eccentric phase of the lift.  Now what is the eccentric phase? It is the lowering phase of an exercise. Fitness people call this the “negative” where you are going against gravity. Take for example the barbell chest press where you are laying on your back. When you lower the bar to your chest you are in the eccentric phase. Most people I see neglect performing this phase the proper way. People perform this phase too fast which often results in injuries and muscles not being worked. I like to use a 3-4 second tempo in this phase which makes sure I’m working my muscles and not letting momentum do the work. This is very important for beginner clients which cuts their risk of injury, and helps their mind and body connect with the exercise movement. This phase should be used the first 6-8 weeks with beginner trainees and with light weight and in the repetition range between 15-20.

       This phase a training can also be used for more experienced and seasoned clients and people who have worked out for a long time who want to build strength and power.  There are 2 methods that I like to use. Let’s use the chest press as an example. To build strength I would load the barbell 120% of my maximum. I would lower the bar to my chest in a 4-6 second tempo/count. I would then have a spotter lift the bar off my chest. It is very important to have a good spotter when doing this type of training. I would do 4 sets of 5 repetitions of this type of training. This kind of training will definitely help you get stronger by helping you to handle heavy loads of weight which means more muscle. And more muscle is a good thing. This type of training is very taxing on the body and should be use no more than 4 times a month per body part. I guarantee you are going to be sore.  

        The second method in the eccentric phase of training I like to use for strength and power is where you lower the bar as fast as you can and push it up as fast as you can. This is called speed/power training. The focus during this type of training is on the lifting motion or “concentric phase”. The weight is light during this phase and repetitions should between 3-10. This phase is great for athletes looking to build power, speed, and strength. It is also great for the at home mom, but this phase should only be used for people who are intermediate – advanced. So make sure you have been training for at least a good year before attempting to train in this method. Overall you will be stronger, more athletic, faster, and you will put on muscle which will make you an overall healthy and fit person. 

         It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, advanced, or an athlete: Everyone can benefit from lifting weights when used correctly and with proper form and technique. Always remember the eccentric phase when lifting to maximize your workouts which will make you a stronger, more powerful, healthy, and fit person.

What motivates you?

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                                            What motivates you?

People are motivated by 2 things: Pleasure or Pain. That’s what you need to find out.

For example. Let’s use exercising as an example.  We all know that exercising and being healthy are important. For some people exercising is easy. For others it is very difficult.  So why is that? The people who exercise comes easier too have a “reason” and a “why” they are doing it. Here a few reasons I’ve discovered: 

1. I had a client that was in her late 20’s who was overweight but didn’t believe she was. She went to the doctor and found out that she had high blood pressure and was pre diabetic. The doctor put her on medication. She was crushed. She cried. But that motivated her to start exercising. From then on she worked out and ran everyday. She lost over and hundred pounds and got into the best shape of her life. She is off medication and living a active healthy lifesyle.

2. I had another client who was very skinny. His whole life people talked about him and made fun of him. The girls didn’t notice him. He was invisble. He was 25 years old. He came to me for help. He didn’t want to be skinny anymore. He wanted a muscular body. He wanted to be noticed. He wanted girls to start noticing him. I worked him out hard for 2 years nonstop. He packed on 60 pounds of lean muscle. People didn’t recognize him. He got a lot of attention from the ladies and even eventually got married. He was a changed man. He gained confidence and a positive outlook for his future.

As you can see from these two examples; one person was motivated by pain from what the doctor told her and the other person was motivated by pleasure because he wanted to look good and be desirable. 

So when you are feeling lazy, tired, and sluggish…think about what motivates you.  Feel that pain inside you and use it to take action.  Use your feeling for pleasure and success to take action. 

Now that you know what motivates you; Exercise can now be a little more easier for you. 

Why I love SQUATS

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If there was one exercise I say is best for weight loss, strength, and putting on muscle…I would say Squats.

This exercise works every part of your body from your legs to your core and abdominal muscles to your back and to your shoulders. Believe it or not but squats are one of the best core exercises you can do. I tell people that if you want nice abs and a strong core…squat. And squat heavy. The heavier the weight you use the more you have to use and engage your abs and core.  So stop doing crunches and sit ups and start squatting .

With squats you can make it a conditioning exercise by squatting fast with light weights with very little rest between sets for 15-25 repetitions. You can make it a strength exercise by going moderately heavy weights for 8-12 repetitions.  You can also make it a power exercise by doing 3-6 repetitions.

There are many different variations of squats you can do to mix things up. 1. Barbell back squats  2. Front squats.  3. Overhead squats.  4. Power cleans to a front squat. 5. Body weight squat jumps. 6. One legged squats.  7. Spilt squats.   The list goes on and on.

Start squatting now to achieve the body you want. No excuses

Reverse Burpees

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This is a great exercise that works your entire body from your legs to your core to your arms. It looks simple but it is very challenging . It is very important to engage your core the whole time when you do this and not turn your hip.

  1. To start. 1. Bend your knees and and put your hands on the floor like you are about to do a Burpee.  3.Walk your hands forward like you are going to get in a plank position.  4. Embrace and engage your abs the whole time.  5. Hold for a couple of seconds in the plank position and then walk your hands back bending your knees.  5.Stand up and then repeat .

To make this exercise more difficult you can add a jump to it. You can also add a push up to it.

I like to finish a my workouts with a couple of sets of 25 reps.

This exercise overall is a good twist to your traditional Burpees . 

Have fun and enjoy