Reverse Burpees

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This is a great exercise that works your entire body from your legs to your core to your arms. It looks simple but it is very challenging . It is very important to engage your core the whole time when you do this and not turn your hip.

  1. To start. 1. Bend your knees and and put your hands on the floor like you are about to do a Burpee.  3.Walk your hands forward like you are going to get in a plank position.  4. Embrace and engage your abs the whole time.  5. Hold for a couple of seconds in the plank position and then walk your hands back bending your knees.  5.Stand up and then repeat .

To make this exercise more difficult you can add a jump to it. You can also add a push up to it.

I like to finish a my workouts with a couple of sets of 25 reps.

This exercise overall is a good twist to your traditional Burpees . 

Have fun and enjoy